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By striving for the greenest possible print production process Potts have invested in Manroland technology for the greatest efficiency possible. They have three Manroland presses in their arsenal. The latest is the Roland 700 Hi-Print which is on the go 24/7, with Christmas Day the only time it gets a day off!

So far it has chalked up 55 million impressions in two years and the management at Potts has nothing but praise for the company workhorse.

"The Roland 700 Hi-Print has really boosted our arsenal of presses and enabled us to take on much greater volumes of work and open up a whole new market place," says Tom Groves, Head of Business Development.

Brian Watson, Head of Production, agrees.

"It really is an excellent machine, very reliable and extremely robust."

The company say that the Manroland presses are ultra-efficient which reduces unnecessary waste across the board.

Manroland engineers in Germany are constantly racking their brains to make printing as advanced and environmentally friendly as possible.

This means constant attention to emissions, evaporation, fine particles, ink mist, special waste and energy consumption.

For example, the new generation of ROLAND 700s are nearly 20 per cent more energy efficient than models of 15 years ago.

There are no combustion processes in the Manroland range, so the emissions are nil.

Preventing hazardous evaporation is an important issue, with some countries banning or taxing isopropyl alcohol and evaporative washing agents.

On a press, washing agent evaporation occurs at the washing units for the inking roller, blanket and impression cylinder.

But this is reduced on Manroland presses with more precise possibilities for the inking rolling units and brush-type blanket and impression cylinder washing units with virtually closed loops.

The QuickChange Wash means less agent in the fluid collecting pan, thus also reducing evaporation levels.

Pollution can also be reduced through alcohol-free (or reduced) printing and Waterless offset printing -- options offered by Manroland.

The 700 series offers modular cool water circuits and an additional separate cooling circuit for the ink fountain rollers which includes extra green features, including inking unit temperature control with individual zone regulation.

Manroland has also worked to reduce the levels of spray powder in the press room -- a potential health hazard for operatives.

Solutions include continual improvements to the dosage precision of powder sprayers with settings storable for repeat jobs; and powder extraction systems located at the best positions to effectively suck away the spray powder in the air.

Ink mist can contaminate the area around the press, particularly when printing with UV inks at high speeds.

Manroland has installed an extraction device at the upper part of the inking roller system which captures the ink particles flung off the inking rollers by centrifugal force in a filter.

Automatic refillable ink cartridges (ROLAND InkLine) reduces waste and disposal costs.

Safe and smear-free sheet travel also helps to cut waste, whilst oil leaks are reduced by the oil being drained with a central pump.

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